Be a Sparrow Hero!

Small deeds can be hugely inspiring. We at Nature Forever Society (NFS) believe no right step will go the wrong direction. Every time you do something to save the House Sparrow, you become a hero for NFS.

The House Sparrow lived happily in and around our homes because it was comfortable. We have to do little things to bring back the comfort level of this tiny but significant bird.

If you’re wondering why you should bother, think of this: If our neighbours are disappearing, soon, it may be our turn. The dwindling numbers of this amazing little bird along with other flora and fauna is a cause for concern. House Sparrows are important bio-indicators of our environment. Their decline indicates degradation of our environment. Conservation of urban flora and fauna is significant for the health of people in our rapidly growing cities.

Every step that you take to help the sparrow, however small, gives us the strength to conserve the bird to whose well-being we are devoted.

We have thought of various ways you can help but if you can come up with something else, please share it with us. Here are some of the little big ways in which you can contribute.

By joining hands with us in the Rise for the Sparrow Movement, you can make a difference.

Provide water

Water is the basis of all life. Just as you need water to thrive, so does the House Sparrow. Lack of water often leaves birds dehydrated. Many birds die in summer without water. Set out clean water on balconies, window ledges and gardens.

Feed sparrows

House Sparrows eat mostly seeds and kitchen scraps and feed their young insects like aphids and caterpillars. Even if you don’t sift grain because you buy pre-packaged, set out small seeds like rice, broken rice or bajra (pearl millet). Keep it in a safe place at the same time every day. Make or buy a scientifically designed feeder to prevent spillage and to keep grain clean. Avoid stale, salty or oily, leftover food or bread and large grains like wheat. You can also help sparrows by adopting a bird feeder. Log on to HERE

Provide nesting sites, adopt nest boxes

Most modern matchbox-shaped houses are not sparrow-friendly. Their glass or aluminum walls offer no nooks for nesting. While constructing, ensure nesting sites. Set up nest boxes for sparrows in built houses.

Share your story with us

Have you tried to save the House Sparrow? Share with us your stories, tales, poems and pictures on what you did to save sparrow and inspire others. Write to us and share your experiences in feeding birds. If you know of ways in which we can attract birds, let us know. You can also contact us if you need help just send email to us on

Spread the word

Are you socially networked? LIKE and SHARE with friends the NFS Facebook page. Share with us your ideas on how to spread the message! You can lead by example by clicking share and like right away.

Shop for sparrows

When you shop for sparrows with NFS, you not only provide them with nesting sites and food all through the year, but also help our conservation work. So save our sparrows by choosing from a range of NFS conservation products!

Sparrow Awards

NFS announces winners of the Sparrow Awards. After extensive research and consultation, we select people from various parts of the country working in the field of conservation. This year, we received numerous nominations and after scrutinising each nomination as well as other recommendations, we chose four winners based on their exemplary conservation efforts. You too can be a winner when you make a significant contribution to the conservation of nature and biodiversity.

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